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A Comprehensive Repository of Web Technology Examples and Documentation for Developers

Code Repo

About the project

Code Repo is a a comprehensive repository of web technology examples and documentation for developers. It is a collection of code snippets, examples, and documentation for web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, NextJS, Go, and more.

This project is heavily under development. I am currently working on adding more content to the site as well as improving the design and user experience, adding more features, and fixing bugs.



Resource page contains a list of resources for web development. It is a collection of links to websites, articles, and videos that are useful for web developers. It is a curated list of resources that I have found useful in my career as a web developer. It is a living document that I will continue to update as I find more resources.


Preview of the resources page.

Anyone can contribute to the list by submitting a pull request on GitHub by adding a link to the file. Below is an example of a resource object in the resources.ts.

 resources: [
      title: "Three.js Journey",
      href: "",
      description: "The Best Way to Learn Three.js",
      filters: [{ title: "Courses" }],
      title: "Laracasts",
      href: "",
      description: "Your Path to Laravel Mastery Starts Here...",
      filters: [{ title: "Courses" }],

List of Features to be Added

  • Add resources page
  • Add more resources
  • Add more code snippets
  • Add more examples
  • Add online code editor
  • User authentication, user profiles, and user dashboard
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Subscription service, paid content, and premium features

Technologies Used

To follow the progress of this project, check my blog where I will be posting monthly updates.

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