Full Stack Web Developer. Creator of Open Void & Code Repo.

I am a full-stack developer with a passion for creating beautiful and functional user experiences. I am a self-taught developer and I have been coding for over 2 years. I have experience working with React, NextJS, PHP and more.

My web development journey started in 2020 when I was reintroduced to the wonders of html and css and have gotten hooked immediately, since than i've gotten familiar with tons of new technologies like git and github, javascript and typescript, react and nextjs, nodejs and express, mongo and firebase... and went to land my first job 6 months after graduationg from highschool.

Currently working as a Junior Front-End Developer at papar.hr.

I am responsible for creating and maintaining websites for a variety of clients including building custom software solutions for clients.

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The React Framework for Production.


An open-source language which builds on JavaScript.


A popular general-purpose scripting language.